Toy Box - Bob Windt featured

On about March 22, Andy Skadberg receivied a call from Tim Gilmore with Mysticarts Pictures. He had found Bob from our Kickstarter campaign. Sarah was traveling back from Tennessee. Bob was in Cordova. Through a series of communications Bob was scheduled for a Skype call. The decision was made to present one of Bob's R/C Hovercraft to be considered for the show. Everything went like magic. (see videos introducing toys Vid 1, Vid 2)

We cannot announce any particulars, but we can let people know that during the week of June 20th Bob spent 3 days in Los Angeles, CA shooting for the show that might air in December of this year, or in the Spring of 2018.

We can say that things went well. Bob had a lot of fun, and when he called us from LA, he was happy.

This will be for the 2nd season. The first season had viewership of between 1,000,000 and 3,000,000! There were 8 pilot episodes.

We look forward to leveraging this to Launch Bob's true Vision to the next level - getting "Yep, It's Rocket Science" books and the online educational platform to kids all across the world.

Stay tuned for additional news!