Kickstarter Contributors

This book was only made possible by the generous financial support of our Kickstarter friends through the crowdfunding website We are thankful for the support of all contributors, as every pledge showed not only a belief in this project, but also a willingness to support our project with the funds to create Bob's book. We are eternally grateful for the 76 supporters who answered the call via Kickstarter, and to the four families in Cordova, Illinois who mailed their contributions to Bob. Here are some of the generous supporters who helped make this project possible:

Dave and Peg Zang
Brian Cody
Dr. Tom and Mary Ann Stoffel
Port Byron Machine Inc.
Mike Thoms
Tim Baldwin
Christopher Cyr
Gayla Killinger
Jim Long
Mark, Kathy and Camryn Bartlett
5 Fords
Heather Allen
The Sidor Family
The Pollee Family
Reed Schneider and Family
Judy and Rick Hurless
Taylor Kohrt
Dave LaCombe
Aiden and Holden Loy
Susanne and Rober Muirhead
Sarah, Mike, Aaron and Alec Petersdorf
Glenn and Diana Parker
James and Sunny Morhusen

All other supporters can be found on the Kickstarter "community" page. Again, we are most grateful for the support, the patience, and the willingness to support a vision to bring Bobls work to the world.

Many Thanks,
Sarah Ford, Kickstarter Project Creator and Editor