Bob Windt

has an impressive resume: he’s a retired aeronautical engineer and inventor of a few hovercraft models, founder of Universal Hovercraft, and developer of innovative products that encourage students to study science, physics, and engineering, all while having fun. His solution for engaging kids and getting them away from the screens is simple--use your imagination! And he’s ready to show the way.

This Web site is dedicated to getting Bob's ideas out to the world as a legacy to a person who has given countless hours to reaching out to kids to show them that science is fun, and that the best way to learn is to actively engage in "learning by doing".

Sarah Ford

Sarah Ford is an independent journalist living and working in the Quad Cities along the Mississippi River on the border between Iowa and Illinois. She has written numerous articles on key topics related to creative endeavors, environmental initiatives and otherwise important topics related to new models for community and people coming together to improve the quality of life for all. She is currently the writer and photographer for 4 Shaw Media weekly newspapers in Erie, Prophetstown, Morrison and Fulton, Illinois. You can also find her inspirational writing archived in a variety of periodicals in the Quad cities like the Dispatch and the Radish.

Andrew Skadberg, Ph.D.

Andy's professional career and experiences have involved many roles and responsibilities. One of his passions is experiential education being heavily influenced by his first academic advisor Dr. Steven Simpson, who is a nationally recognized leader in experiential education. While an Cooperative Extension professor at Texas A&M University Andy worked heavily in experiential education, developing the Nature and Heritage Tourism Information System which served all of the state. During his years in education, and community development he saw a serious need to revamp our educational systems, especially for our youth. Andy sees Bob Windt as an amazing example of service to the community, but also a model for how to revitalize youth education provided from universities to fun and exciting "learning by doing".